Running and The Red Sky ...

Last week I began my run looking at an ominous dark sky hoping to get a run in before the heavens opened.  Approaching the first hill, the game was up as the rain began.  The front edge of the storm was a mere tease, promising much more if I didn’t turn around and head home, so home it was.  With my distance having been cut short I took the challenge to race the dark wall of water that threatened to overtake me.  Sure enough half a kilometer from home I was engulfed in a torrent of water that left me sloshing my way home in what felt like buckets of water strapped to my feet.

To make up for the short but fast run, the next day I added a couple of kilometers and went all the way to the dam and back.  I suffered a bit after that and broke my running routine with a bike ride the other day.

Yesterday the scene was set for a repeat performance but luck was with me.  The villagers were all heading home from their fields and orchards, passing me plodding along in the opposite direction into a dark and foreboding sky.  This having become a common scene no one was offering me a ride home this time.  Keeping a close eye on the dark low hanging storm front, it was with relief I watched as it passed just one village to the north of us.

As the storm backed up against the mountains to the East dropping its heave load, we were blessed with a spectacular show.  Assuming that was it for the day and feeling a bit hungry I sat down for a light fish dinner in the dinning area.  The longer I sat the more spectacular the colors in the sky became.  My wife suggested that I should perhaps take a picture but I assured her the best had surely passed.  Finally I could take it no longer, grabbed the camera and stepped out the patio door.  Without a tripod, I braced against the low fence for stability in the very low light.  The light may have been fading but the colors were peeking and absolutely spectacular.  This is what I captured.