When a blogger gets stuck for ideas

Two months and thirty posts into blogging few bloggers find themselves in this happy situation

1. The blog is so popular that producers are making a beeline to produce TV shows based on his posts.
2. The blogger is so famous that he stars in ads mouthing inanities like "Boost is the secret of my creative energy".

But the majority of us face this problem
1. People prefer watching television to reading his posts (even in households where there is no cable)
2. He has run out of creative energy and ideas. (But for one unpublishable post about what to do with the people who prefer television to his blog)

And the blogger typically does one of the following when he reaches this unfortunate situation where he has no ideas and few readers

1. Look around him and write about the things that moves him.
2. Dip into the ideas that he has earmarked for the day he and his blog would be popular.

Unfortunately, both of these options aren't going to help me.

Traffic jam and unread writers, the things that move me, cannot be blog posts as I can't imagine any reader saying, "Wow! Another post on traffic jam and unsuccessful writer. Let me subscribe to this blog!"
I can't dip into the ideas earmarked for the time I become famous because, they largely revolve around unsuccessful writers stuck in a traffic jam.

So I have decided to go down the route of Bollywood directors and music composers who are bereft of ideas - "Get inspired" from more popular works. Yes, I am going green! I am going to recycle stuff.
That is my big idea till I can reach the happy situation when I can write about traffic jam and unsuccussful writers.

So here is the broad outline of my big idea
1)Choose a topic and write a series of posts. (twenty to thirty)
2)Post biweekly (Mondays, Wednesdays) on the chosen topic.
3)Keep Friday free for the ideas that move me and does not involve traffic jam and unsuccessful writers.

I hope you like the idea. If you do, I need your help to make it a success. Help me in finding an idea that I can recycle. I have a few candidates.

MahaParatha reheated
Modern version of the epic story written by debutant author Ved Vyas and published by Elephant India

From Socrates to Jean Claude Van Damme
Story of philosophers from Socrates to Jean Claude Van Damme, jean paul sartre's brother

Inside, Outside and around the assembled PC
 Have you ever looked at the stars on a moonless night and wondered, "I wonder what is inside my PC?" This topic is for you.

Rediscovery Of India
We tell the untold history of India

Build a popular Blog in 1399 easy steps
We are kidding. We have only 1200 steps. But we will find the rest for you.

What would you like to read? More precisely, what won't you mind reading again?
And trust me, you might have read them before. But not the way I am going to write about it.

Read more about the choices and Vote for them here or in the form below.
If you have any new suggestions, write it in the comments box.