Headache... at a theater near you

Friday night, in a moment of weekness I did a pretty stupid thing. Men are like that, especially in nights. I switched on the T.V. I wanted to catch up on the latest developments. Instead, Raavan caught up with me. I have been escaping from Abhishek Bachchan for more than a year now. But he caught me in a big way yesterday. Six feet of muscles that refuse to act on a thirty two inch screen is a nightmare.

I have a simple theory for success. It states that that you don't need to be talented, hard working or good looking to be a success. You just need a better father. Abhishek bachchan is the proof on which the theory is built. I mean, he can't deliver even a single line! You would have thought that, 'Wow! I am going to be a father. I am so happy right now!' to be the easiest line to deliver. In India, that line gets delivered every two seconds. And most of the time the fathers perform reasonably well. Of course, their performance will not get an oscar but you can see that the fathers are trying to smile and look happy. So you can kinda guess how they are feeling - shit scared. But Abhishek couldn't deliver even that line. He copped out and asked his father to tweet to the world about the arrival of grandchild.

A friend of mine is a big fan of Abhishek. He likes all the movies of abhishek. That's the beauty of abhishek. If you like his acting in one movie then you will like him in all his movies. He repeats the same bad acting again and again.

Then on saturday we went to the final installment of Hairy Farter series. The great thing the movie has going for itself is that it is a popular movie. Plus the fact that it operates on two layers which when combined using a special glass gives a 3D feel. Do you know that they have something called jumbo cola? The best part of the movie! Skip the movie, stick with the book would be my advise.

On sunday, it was back to the theater and jumbo cola again. This time to watch ZNMD. ZNMD is a road trip movie. The kind of movie where three guys go on a road trip and two hours later audience come out tired. After watching the movie, I felt that Zindagi na milegi dobara should not have been the title but the statutory warning of the movie. As the credits rolled, I said, "I am feeling sick."

Next day the doctor said, "It's viral fever. Maybe it is the colas you drank." The doc is right. Bollywood cannot compete with the colas when it comes to dishing out stuff that makes you sick.

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