MahaBharat : Ashta Vasu Or Why shouldn't you cheat in Farmville

This much is certain of ashtavasus (eight vasus)
  1. They are eight in number.

  2. They are collectively called as vasus. (whatever that means)

These are mere conjectures about them
  1. They represent the eight fundamental elements of nature. (Greek only had five. So clearly ancient India had a superior culture.)

  2. They manned the eight sectors of the cricket field in matches between Devas and Asuras.

  3. They represent number eight and by extension any octet entities like raagas, directions etc.

As you can see they were really jobless people. (Indo-Pak cricket matches were more frequent than matches between Devas and Asuras.) For a brief time they thought of blogging to keep themselves occupied. But they found farmville to be more suited to their tastes. So they devoted all their energies on playing farmville and pretty soon got very good at it.

It so happened that their farm was adjacent to that of a guy named Vasishta. Vasishata was a rishi who preached about the evils of farmville within farmville.

What you see is Maya. Farm is out there, people!
-Vasishta in 'The sayings of Vishwamitra'

Vasishta had a unique cow, kamadhenu, which was like the cow of the most advanced level in farmville. It didn't just give milk but milk chocolates! So one of the vasus kinda jumped over the fence of vasishta's farm and stole the cow. The farmville authority got to know this and handed out a life sentence to be served in earth. The vasus filed suo motu habeaus corpus injunctory petition and since Vasishta pleaded no contest the life sentence was reduced to a short life sentence to all but the actual vasu who stole the cow. What it means is that the seven vasus can arrange themselves to be knocked off as soon as they are born. The eighth vasu would have to spend his full life sentence on earth.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world a king whose name is not very important did a lot of penance and got a ticket to go to a DPL (Deva Premier League) match in heaven. If you know your mythology, you would be aware that DPL is really a big thing in heaven. They have cheer leaders, soma party and all such things. Ganga who is performing the double action of a river as well as Goddess was the star cheerleader for the match to which the nameless king had got the ticket.

As the match progressed, the king had lot of soma, lost his senses, and planted a kiss on Ganga.
This angered Brahma so much that he shot off a curse.
"You! Ganga and .. and.. the king whose name I do not know! You two shall be born in earth again and suffer the vagaries of life."

Coming back to vasus, they went and met the friendly neighborhood agent Naradha and told their problem.

"Oh Narada! We want to get over with this curse as soon as possible. You know! Be born and be dead. But we have read so much about the bonds of motherhood. We don't want to cause any grief to any mother. In fact we would like to avoid being born to humans, if possible."

Naradha said, "Ganga is the right mother for you. I would introduce you to her. But I would suggest just one of you to come with me."
"But we all want to be born to the same mother." Vasus said.
"Listen to me! One of you come and introduce yourself as ashtavasu. Then ask her to be the mother for ashtavasus."

So vasus did exactly what Naradha said and Ganga was more than willing to accommodate vasu's wish. In fact, she signed the contract right there in the presence of Naradha.

Once she signed the contract Naradha asked, "Oh! You the stupid one. You know that ashta vasus are eight in number, right?"
"What! Who do you think I am? I am Ganga Devi. Not Rabri Devi."
"But you have signed the contract!" Vasus shouted in chorus.
"Oh! Did I? I will see you on earth. Remember the contract is just about giving birth." Ganga retorted.
"What do you mean?" Vasus asked alarmed.
"Wait and see." Ganga said with an evil grin and disappeared.

From Mahabharat