MahaBharat : Foreword

To all those doubters who might wonder "what does the author know about MahaBharat?", I (from now on referred as 'we') would like to reply, "we know even less about other things". To be honest, we know a bit about Ramayana as well. But we don't like Sita's husband, Arun Govil all that much. He has that plastic smile all the time which doesn't go well down with us.

To all those Hindu religious fanatics who might question "Will he make fun of Bible and Quran like this?", our answer is "First of all, it is not 'Will he make fun'. It is, 'Will they make fun?'. Second of all, Absolutely! Please provide us a PDF of those books." We did try to contact King James and Gideon who are in the habit of forgetting their copy of Bible in the top shelf of every dresser table in every hotel. But the efforts proved futile. We did see the hoardings about "free Quran" and contacted them. They offered us to courier a copy of hard leather bound Quran. We replied, "Get real! Send us a pdf so that it will be easy for us to copy paste and make fun of." They started abusing us in Urdu which we didn't understand much.

That left us with the only choice of writing about MahaBharath.

At this point, it would be apt to thank the bit torrent people who did provide us with a digitized version of MahaBharath. It helped us a lot in fact checking like getting the correct name of Bheem. It is, as we suspected, “Ghadhadhaari Bheem.”

Coming to this book itself we do not claim this to be an accurate version of Ved Vyas's Mahabharath. We have left the parts that really bored us like mentioning all the names of kauravas. Despite those omissions, we understand that writing Mahabharatha is a long and arduous journey. But the love and loyalty of our readers has motivated us to embark on this long journey. “By GOD, we will keep posting till they leave a comment or click on the like button” is our motto.

Finally, as every long journey must be taken one toilet break at a time, we will embark on this one post at a time.

See you tomorrow.
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