Oh, The college days...! They are the best.

I wonder what professors feel about college days. Have you come across any professors who say, "Oh, The college days...! They are the best."? I have not.

Some people liken college to a paid vacation. It really is not true. It is you who pays for it. No one else! I know that your parents pay for it. But it is inheritance they are paying it with. That's parents! They would spend on educating you instead of giving it to you.

And Some other people say, "college days is an oasis in the desert of life". They read Shakespeare too.

Do you know what I feel about college days?
If life can be compared to a Satyajit Ray movie then college days would be the best part of the movie - intermission.
But however good the intermission is, you have got to get back to the movie. I mean, you have got to find out who is going to get the stale roti - the mangy dog or the poor kid. That's what you paid for. You paid for watching the movie. Not for enjoying the intermission. And same goes with the life and college too. You were born to live the hard life not loaf around in a college.

But I agree that it is in college where you meet your life-long friends and... their future wives. There is no point in crying about it. If it had not been for your best friend, she would have become the wife of your not so best friend. So grow up and be adult about it. A friend of mine, from Bihar, actually married his sweet heart when he was in college. But they still gave him just Bachelors degree.

And it is in college that you develop a taste for Hollywood movies. Basic instinct, 91/2 weeks... But you wish that you could understand what the bloody hell they are talking about. And in college you get to learn a lot too. Most of which you forget soon after, except for the lessons taught by one professor - The good old Mr. kingfisher.

And the moment they set foot in college, guys start shaving. First out of hope and then out of desperation. But seldom out of necessity. My friend's father presented him with a shaving set when he joined college. He returned it back when he finished college - brand new.

I remembered what my father said when I joined college. "I am happy you got into IIT and all that. But remember, inside IIT you are going to be just another guy." That's my father. If he had just batted well, he could have become another Sidhu. But now, it's all just talk and no stuff.

But you know what is the worst thing about college? You struggle hard, pass your exams and announce to the world, Finally! I got a degree!" and the world asks you right back, "But did you get a job?"

Today's quote:
After school, you basically have two kinds of college - B.E or B.P.O .

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