Quotes about blogging

I am doing this exercise of coming up with at least ten funny quotes about a topic... any topic.
My first choice for the topic was... Blogging.
Let me know how funny they are.
  1. I like the blogger profiles that start with 'Hmm.. How can I tell about myself in just hundred words.' They are easy to read - just fifty words long.
  2. And then there are some profiles that start with 'I am unique.' Then the blogger lists Star wars as his favorite movie.
  3. And then some profiles go, 'For me, Blogging is cathartic'. Their posts are just a verbal diarrhea.
  4. The questions 'What should I wear?' and 'What should I blog about?' beg the same answer - Nobody cares.
  5. 'Blogging is a very lonely act.' I said. 'Sure. But it is a very enjoyable act.' He said. I gave him a Playboy. He has not posted for last six months.
  6. Most bloggers just give back to the society what they got from it - SHIT.
  7. All blogs have one faithful reader at least - Google bot.
  8. When I see a blog that is not updated for a year, I search for the epilogue.
  9. Have a picture in your posts. They will tend to stay in your blog till it loads at least.
  10. When somebody introduces himself as 'I am a blogger.' I get irritated. I breathe. But I don't advertise it introducing myself as  'I am a breather'.
  11. A novice blogger knows he can write about anything. A verteran blogger realizes he shouldn't.
Do you have a funny line about blogging! Drop a comment.
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