Tale of two sisters

Long long ago, so long ago, in the gulf of Aqaba lived a king named Brent Krude. He was vitality personified. His presence made lamps glow, palaces warm and industries chug. His enemies decried him as the walking dead from the bowels of earth. But his supporters , and there were too many, praised him as 'The Black Gold'.

He had two lovely daughters - Pat Rol and D`esel. Oh, how lovely they were! They had energy running in their blood, just like their father. And they made the earth move, at least the things on earth. But just as every finger of a hand is different, the off-springs of the father differed too. Pat Rol inherited the smoothness of her father and the snootiness too. De'sel inherited the earthiness and the genuine warmth of her father.

The small differences between the sisters drew a wedge and soon they grew apart. So not long before, Pat Rol led the life of the high society. Nobles like Nikolai Carr, Duke Bike and Lady MaPed became her friends. D`esel cast her lot with the ordinary lorry and dumbo tempo. Pat Rol became famous but D'esel became popular. Because for every Duke there were ten ordinary persons. And this popularity of D'esel made Pat Rol become green with jealousy. So she started a smear campaign against her own sister.

'She's noisy, lumpy and greasy.' Pat Rol cooed in Duke's ears.

'Such a poor listener. You tell her a joke today and she will laugh tomorrow.' She told Carr.
'Oh! That's bad. I need instant response. I am no ordinary lorry.' The carr bristled.

'And she farts!' Pat Rol tells the lady Ma Ped.
'You know! Farticulate matter.'
'Oh that!' The lady's face became red in shame.

As Pat Rol launched a strident smear campaign against her sister, D`esel's popularity plumetted. More and more people shied away from talking to D`esel. Disheartened and hounded, D`esel left the kingdom in the middle of night. She wandered aimlessly for many days. Tired, dirty and hungry she fell unconscious in the middle of desert. There she lay for countless days. No passers by stopped for her.

Then one day, the count of Fiato and his entourage passed that way.

'Aren't you D`esel, the most beautiful of them all?' The count asked.
'Yes, I am D`esel, the unfortunate of them all.' D'esel replied. She told about Pat Rol's smear campaign and ended her story with the words, 'Unfortunately, there is a grain of truth in what my sister says about me.'

Count Fiato chided D`esel and said, 'Daughter! We are the clans men of your mother and we know more about you than you yourself.  There is no defect in you that my ministers Tekno and logy cannot set right.'

'Carr mocks me and says I am a slow listener. ' D`esel whined.
'Sure. Because you go unprepared to a meeting with him. So you take time to react. Instead if we prepare you..'
'pressurize you separately and inject separately....' Tekno intervened. Count fixed him with a stare and continued.
'prepare you before and let loose on Carr at the correct time, he will loose himself in your charm.'
'In our logos it is called common rail system.' Logy explained.

'But I am noisy and.. and...fart...' D`esel hung her head in shame.
'Problems from the days when you spent time in barracks with lorries.' Count dismissed it.
'You mean, you can set me right!'
'Of course. In barracks, you stood at the center and had to be loud for all to hear. And it was never good enough. So there were lot of farticulate matter.' Tekno chimed in.
'But the palace of nobles will not be crowded like a barrack. Carrs and Dukes will be scattered around. So instead of seating you at one place we will let you be here, there, every where a bit at a time. Problem solved' The count boasted.
'By the way, we call it multi jet' Logy butted in.
'Stop the technical mumbo jumbo.' The count thundered.
'Sorry, Boss!' Tekno and Logy apologized.
'So, I can be cured!' D`esel said in a tone that had the happiness of her blissful days.

Then three horses came in the distance. As they neared, D`esel saw the most virtuous of the men mounted on them.
'My sons Palio, Punto, Linea.' The count whispered in her ears.
Shyness overtook D`esel and she was barely able to acknowledge the presence of the new men.

So the count with the help of Tekno and Logy taught D`esel new tricks. Tricks that made Pat Rol eat all her words. And in due time many suitors came to D`esel. But D`esel remained loyal to Palio,Punto,Linea, the sons of count Fiato. Soon D`esel became famous among the nobles and popular among commoners.

And when the time came for the King Brent Krude to give away the kingdom to a successor, he chose D`esel for she had all the qualities of Pat Rol and more.

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