The business of Self Help

This is little late. But for those booksnails, Harsha Bogle has come out with a new book on self improvment - 'Winning Ways'.
That's one more book I need to get hold of to figure out what am I lacking.

But if you want somebody to analyse successful people and tell you the secrets, Harsha Bogle is the guy. If you have heard of his commentary you will know what I am talking about.

James Anderson thuds one short. Sachin squares up... On the pads. Huge appeal from Andersen. Billy is still considering. Did it pitch in line with the stumps? Did it hit in line? Did it bounce too high? Did it swing too much? Was there an edge? So many things to consider and so little time. Billy, what is your answer going to be? What are you thinking?

Billy: I think I am hungry.

No doubts about it. If you want to find the winning ways, get Harsha Bogle on board. But he will not be the best help if you are already sinking.

Harsha: Is the boat going down too fast? Or is the water coming up too fast? Should we send an SOS flare? Or should we jump into the sea? Or should we try to block the leak? So many things to consider and so little time. What are you thinking? What is that funny noise you are making?

You: Har(Blup.. Blup)sha! He(gulp.. Blup)lppp me! I am drowning and I don't know swi(Blup.. gulp)mming. Gulp gulp..

The first self help book I came across went something like.. seven effective habits of people or seven habits of effective people. I am always confused about its title. But I was impressed by that book! Really really impressed! That's when the authour went for another round of self help. He came out with another book - Eighth effective habit. Guess he wanted to make some more money. That's the problem with self help books. You don't know who the word 'self' refers to - the author or You.

So there is this standard scene they ask you to picturise in all the self help books - imagining yourself dead. The books then ask you to think what you would want your near and dear ones to say about you, about your life. I was really impressed by the underlying thought when I read the first time. It really stumped me. I mean, 'what you DON'T want them to say?' is a pretty easy question to answer.

The answer would be, 'We never knew that the doctor had a fake degree!'

But the question to ponder is 'What do you want your near and dear ones to say at your funeral?'
It is a very tricky question. The underlying idea behind the question is this. It asks you to think what you want your near ones to tell when you are dead. And then lead a life such that they would tell exactly that when you are dead.

Powerful, right?
Self help books are full of such emotional blackmail. The book is kinda saying, 'Don't worry about what others are saying when you live. But think what they will say once you are dead.'

No wonder, these books are popular and the authors go for second helping.

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