Your Favorite Posts ...

I am asking for your help here.  There is a popular posts gadget on the blog but it rates things primarily by page views, considering little else.  My number one post got that way, I fear, through Google Image searches for the Ninja 650.  I would like to think that some people actually read the post but lets face it, many viewers probably went no further than the pictures since that is what they were searching for.

With 220 posts spread over the last four years and with relatively few individuals having read all of them, I know it is a lot to ask but thought I would ask anyway.  Were you drawn here by a particular post?  Do you have a favorite post or genre of post?  I would appreciate any input but a top two or three would really be great.  Even one would be helpful if you could add why you liked it.

Sorry to turn things around on you but this is something I simply can’t do by myself.  As a blogger I am in constant angst about what I am doing and why, as well as who you are and why you are here.  I have asked for your input in the past but this is a little more targeted and less vague so hopefully easier to deal with.  Thanks in advance for your help.