Eco friendly Ganesha

Have you noticed that people don't wish 'Happy Ganesh Chaturthi' anymore?
I know that it's a week since Ganesh Chaturthi and we are already onto the Happy Onam bandwagon.

But what I am talking about is that there seems to some correct wishing phrases for each festival. Like..

Wish you a merry Christmas.
Have a happy new year.
Have a Eco friendly Ganesha.
Have a pollution free Diwali.

You can't have a happy Ganesha chaturthi anymore. Eco friendly Ganesha is the 'in' thing. So I bought the appropriately painted Ganesha at the designated store. I had to drive across the town to get it. I realize that I was not being eco friendly. But look at the bright side. My Ganesha idol was!

Last week I realized that Bangalore is a town of homeless people living in high rise buildings. The moment a festival comes they have to go back to their 'home' in chennai or Hyderabad or Mumbai. Bangalore was a ghost town the whole of last week. The roads were empty. The malls were free. The only people who stayed back in Bangalore were bachelors who were from far off places or were sick of going back home. They came out on Ganesha chaturthi day in crumpled shorts and swollen faces to replenish their beer and pirated vcds. They must have had a great Ganesha chaturthi too. Without Ganesha, of course.

Meanwhile, endosulfan is back in news again. It is a very effective and popular pesticide. Unfortunately it causes cancer in humans. The agriculture industry is ready to live with the collateral damage. So if you don't want cancer in your plate you have to switch over to organic foods. Yeah I know! it is five times costlier. The way I see it is, you have two options. You can die of cancer or you can die of poverty. Take your pick.

Quote of the day
The one who said there is fortune at the bottom of the pyramid must be a grave robber.

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