Parenting - Now and then

It's a perfect sunday. Sleeping City, lazy sun and.. a kid eating Lays chips for breakfast in the opposite balcony. The problem with today's kids is the same as what their parents faced thirty years back - Bad parents.

Thirty years back parents were over interfering. They decided everything for their kids - from under wear color to under graduation degree.
As a teenager how many times have you had this conversation with your mom?

"Why are you buying light color undies? They will get dirty fast. And then you will ask me to wash them."

If you are teenager with a dirty stain in your undie, maybe mom is the last person you would turn to. But how are you going to explain it to her? So you end up with dozen undies - all black in color!

It might be hard to imagine now. But back then there were no malls and just one boring television channel. So kids were the only entertainement for parents. We all have painful memories of these conversations from our childhood.

"Ma, Shall I watch T.V? Gavaskar is on fire. He is scoring three runs every over!"
"Why don't we quickly revise science lessons one last time. Tell me who discovered Oxygen."

"Shall we go out and eat?"
"But I have made bindi fry. For your maths olympiad next week."

"Ma! I want to go to friend's house."
"Why don't you watch Chintu till I bathe babloo. He keeps crawling under the bed. Also give complan to Pinky, pleeeassee."
Yeah.. Most of the times kids were the source of entertainement. But regularly they were products too.

Now the situation has gone to the other extreme. Kids get to decide from what they should have for breakfast (Lays chips) to which channel we should watch (POGO). I am talking about kids who can't even clean up after themselves!

Nowadays parents give their kids a long leash because they want to be away from the kids. We want kids to be on their own because we want to be left alone! We hope that if we just allow them to do what they want to do they will allow us to do what we want to do - stare at facebook wall, browse.

Today's parents attitude to their kids can be summed by the attitude of a blogger I know...
'Holy shit! The brat has a scissors and my yellow T. shirt in his hand. Wait a minute! I don't have an yellow shirt. Oh, It is just a blouse! Thank God. I really wanted to finish this post."
I hope your attitude towards your kid is different from mine.

Peronally, I am OK with the chips-for-breakfast thing. I know my kid might become obese. But my policy is if it doesn't kill the kid like NOOOOWWWW then don't disturb me. But the POGO thing, I can't take it. I put my foot down and tell my kid, "You know where to find me if you want me. I will be in the bedroom watching star movies in the small T.V. "

Quote of the day:
The doctor said the first moments of our kid will be our greatest experience. He was right! It was just downhill from the time we conceived our kid.

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