T shirt Quotes - I have one for you.

My suggestion to people who wear T.Shirts with funny lines:
Stop wearing it.
It's hard to read.And even harder to ignore.

I know you really liked that line and you really think it is funny. But try to understand this - it is just not YOUR LINE! You don't carry a stranger's kid with you all the time just because the kid is cute. Do you? BTW if you do, let me know. I will give you my address.My kid may not be that cute. But the damn line on your T.Shirt is not that funny either.

But do you know the worst thing about those T.shirts? They are costlier than the plain ones!
I think the only slogan that should be allowed on a T.shirt is:

I am not funny or original. But I have... money.

That is a win-win situation for everybody.
The wearer is happy because he got a T.Shirt with a funny line.
Others are happy because they know the line and need not read it.
I am happy because I get a royalty stream going.
Unless of course the chinese manufacturers decide to poo in the party by making pirated T.Shirts without paying me royalty which they will because let's face it.. they are chinese.

What's up with these chinese guys? Why are they making fifty rupees T.Shirts with GAP logo on it?
Do they really think that carpenters and plumbers know the difference between GAP and fcuk?

Do you see carpenters carrying the book Five point someone in their tools?

Do you see a plumber saying
Oh!I have so many POLO shirts. Let me try GAP this time.

Most of them can't even read, for God sake! They can print those chinese characters and not have a dent in the T.shirt sale.
But NOOO! They have got to copy GAP logo.

Maybe I will allow a small variation of the above slogan for chinese to put in the T.shirts they wear:

I am not funny or original. But I can... copy.

Either that or

I copy. Therefore I am.

I will let their government choose the final one. That way, my universal T.shirt slogan can see the light of the day more easily in China.

But coming back to T.shirts with funny lines, the most illegal T.shirt slogan award has to go to the slogan:

Look up!

I think the women who wear those T.shirts are in violation of the most fundamental principle on which law operates - Innocent until proven guilty.
Don't you think?

From Funny Side Of Life