Talking (feeding) with the animals

A couple days ago I went to the famous Bridge on the River Kwai, to visit Ciejay's nephew Guy, he has a bar-b-que stand near the bridge and sells a great bar-b-que chicken and ribs. You know me and food I just had to give it a try, he ask what I wanted and I said "give me a sampler plate" WELL , he piled a little bit of everything on my plate and a generous side of his famous homemade bar-b-que sauce, I rolled up my shirt sleeves and dug right in, to my surprise, and sauce all over my face,the plate was empty in no time, and it was all good, especially the Bar-b-que chicken legs.The food was good and I would go back for more another day , a great lunch stop, or afternoon snack.
BUTTT the thing that caught my attention that day aside from the great food was a little table beside the stand that had a couple of baby animals on display for picture taking and for a small donation you could hold them ,pet them ,and feed them a bottle of milk.  They had a leopard and a tiger and they were just beautiful, and very playful. The petting and feeding stand are a part of the Safari Park Zoo, in Bophloi , Kanchanaburi.It's a really good zoo and they display and take care of the animals very well, They have several of these stands around the area and the donations help to feed and take care of the many endangered animals in Thailand. It was a real thrill to hold and feed these babies and something I'll remember a long time ., lots of folks were having their pictures taken while feeding the babies , something you get to do maybe once in a lifetime, I loved it .
I took a few pictures and hope you enjoy them , and if you're ever in the area  ,stop by for a bar-b-que plate and  feed yourself and the animals .