The survivor in me

I am a survivor. I have always been.

Right from my childhood when I had to fight for kaj(batting time) in the play ground. I had to fight stronger, meaner kids to get my batting time.
"You said I can bat for one over if I fielded beyond the boundary. You better bowl or else..."
"or else, what?"
"or else I will tell mom."
Yeah..those stronger, meaner kids were my younger brothers.

But my surviving skills reached its pinnacle in my battle with a worthy enemy - testosterone. I am talking about college days. You would be surprised how much I was prepared for the phrase, "Let's just be friends".

"Hey, Smrithi!"
"I.. I.."
"I want your notes."
"Who are you?"

That was brutal. I felt like the army of Djibouti in the world war II. They were ready for standing up to and getting annihilated by Germany. But Hitler said, "F*** Djibouti. Who wants it? Take a bypass and go for France." Four years of the same class and she asks, "Who are you?" I needed every bit of my surviving skill, all right.

Not impressed! Okay, I will tell you how I fared in the ultimate test of survival skills for a metro-sexual man - fighting bad Internet connection.

I sensed something was amiss late last night. I wasn't able to connect to Internet. My survival skills kicked in immediately - I went to sleep. Today morning, I got up and it is the same. Clearly the situation called for fight and not flight. So I power cycled the laptop couple of times. Nothing happened! Then I took the battle one notch higher and reset my wireless router couple of times. Nothing, Nada, Zilch.

I remembered what Anthony Hopkins did when he saw the bear in 'The edge'. I tried calling my wife for help on phone.

Suddenly I got connected to Internet. But I couldn't get to Google. You all know how much I need Google . I need it for tasks ranging from checking the spelling of survivor to see whether any people had dropped in on my blog (The usual answer is NO). But it just wouldn't go to Google.

Can you guess what I did? I went to Bing. I am a survivor, baby! Yeah, that's what I am. I asked Bing , "Is Google down?" and that she threw up her hands and gave me lot of vague links. Boy, Ask a woman a question!

And then my ISP went down again.
I called my ISP. 'MayDay! MayDay! Internet is down. Houston! we have a problem.'
'No sir, everything is fine here.' The ISP guy stonewalled.

I kept the phone down and assessed the situation. There is some problem, somewhere. And someone has to solve it. My survival skills went on the overdrive. I disconnected from the internet, powered off the router and fired the notepad to start typing this post. I will wait for that someone to bring me back on line.

I don't know! Maybe the world likes and needs people like John McClane of Die Hard when there is a crisis. But I am a survivor of different type. I am more like a polar bear that hibernates during winter. If my office is going to be taken over by terrorists, I am going to lock myself in the bathroom. That's how I survive.

And I am a survivor. I have been. I am. And I will always be ,I mean, till the time I die.

Quote of the day:
When the going gets tough, the tough get going - leaving you behind.

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