Watching Moss Grow ...

I have a feeling that watching my blog this month might be like watching moss grow.  Last month was record setting on pretty much every statistical measure, with jumps of thirty to forty percent from my previous best.  Of course quality is another matter all together.  With my trip to Hawaii approaching later this month my focus will most likely be on other things, though here I am posting today.  With airline tickets, hotel reservations and reentry visa in hand, all the big stuff is done.

Watching Moss Grow
It was much easier when we lived in Bangkok.  Now a stopover is necessary in Bangkok in both directions.  In the past we have stayed with a friend but last time we returned to our old stomping grounds, staying in a hotel next to our old condo, where we lived for ten years.  There are of course cheaper options but this is the area of Bangkok where we feel most at home.  The plan is for my wife to come down to meet me and spend a couple of days together if she can find someone to watch Cookie and the house.

With wonderful friends in Hawaii we are spoiled for choice of accommodation.  Traveling alone this time I will be staying in a house high on a ridge, not too far from where my parents live.  We spent a couple of nights there on the last trip and loved it.  If my wife could come we would probably stay with Thai friends but alone this seems the better option.

Other than watching moss grow this month I suppose one could watch flowers grow, rice grow or the ever changing pattern of clouds that keep me entertained.
Watching Flowers Grow

Watching Rice Grow