Leaving Thailand and Going Home ...

Have you ever spared a thought for those individuals who try to make a go of it in Thailand and for whatever reason end up returning to whence they came?  We hear a lot from the dreamers and new arrivals but not much from those who gave up and surrendered the dream to go home or continued their search for the dream somewhere else.

I suppose enthusiasm and a desire to share are more forthcoming from the throws of first love and an infatuation with all things Thai.  Lose the rose colored glasses and the world turns bleak and grey, with less desire to share one supposes.  Besides who wants to publicize ones failures or moan about the injustice of it all.  Who would care and who would read about such things?

I for one believe there are many who would benefit from the stories of those who have gone before but then again would they listen or learn?  There is a stubbornness that seems to permeate the very core of the new Thai accolades.  They often think they know more and know better, when the opposite is so apparent.

Never having been able to extricate myself from the hold Thailand has had on me all these many years, I can’t say I have much insight into what it must be like to go home.  That is why I, and others, have been so enthralled by the resent events in the life of Mike over at Thailand Blogs.  A seemingly well adjusted retiree and award winning blogger but recently an ex-expat, a returnee to his homeland. 

He has begun writing an epilogue of his love affair with Thailand and though he has just scratched the surface with his first installment, there is great potential in such postmortems I feel.  If you are interested go to Thailand Blogs and read Mike’s most recent entries. 

I can imagine that Thailand will have left a mark on who we are and how we perceive the world but I would like to hear more of this phenomenon if you would care to share.  If you have personal experience or have witnessed others who have returned home after a stint in Thailand please feel free to share your observations about the ease or difficulty of such a move.  Mike has kindled in me an interest in this under reported life event, so I hope to hear from others as well as read what he has to say in his blog.