11-11-11 in Chiang Rai

Just another glorious day in the Rai.  Loy Krathong went off without a hitch last night.  Donning light jackets to ward off the chill of a beautiful moonlit night, the wife and I moseyed down to the pond to float our Krathong on the still reflective water.  We had leftover lanterns from a previous year so unpacked them and headed for the front drive.  We were quickly joined by neighbors who felt compelled to help release our lanterns to the heavens.
Yes that is the moon above my head.

In every direction there was evidence in the sky that others were doing the same as us.  The loud explosive celebrants remained far enough away for my own personal comfort but the dogs ran off in terror at the explosive sound of the rockets.  From a nearby village there was a simultaneous release of a large number of lanterns that formed into something that looked like a double helix strand snaking its way into the bright moonlit sky.

After the neighbors left I convinced my wife to privately liberate the last pack of lanterns down by the edge of the pond.  An aunt and her daughter arrived just in time to help us again and to float their Krathong on our pond.  All in all it was a lovely night.

Earlier in the day I had taken the Ninja over the nearby mountains in the direction of Phu Chi Faa.  Before I tended to traverse the roads that led to town in search of coffee shops and companionship.  Now I find myself looking more to my own back yard and the roads that lead to Phu Chi Faa or Nan.

The Trek got another workout recently as I find this weather and the call of the trail irresistible.  Topping the trail the trees had been cleared providing a view out over the valley and a faint glimpse of our house near the temple.  Trail conditions varied greatly from rough and rocky to a newly blacktopped section I came upon while entering a nearby village from the mountains and fields. The temperature and the light are just so inviting it is hard to choose where to go and which form of transportation to use.  Even running is made more enjoyable by the more moderate temperature that has blessed us recently.

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