Hairline fracture of reality

The menfolk of my household, The Rajamanis of Ramnad District, may not be the best example of male species. We do not bleed blue when Dhoni and Co gets walloped in Lords. Nor do we sit twiddling our thumbs in front of TV when Allonso goes  round and round on those stupid tracks. But Boy! when it comes to haircare, we are the machoest of the machoest. Our motto is simple - If the hair is black and isn't balding then we don't bother. The high priests of fashion may not really agree with our ideas on haircare. But our ideas resonate with the men of India. I mean, look at the two hairstyles that knocked the wigs out of the head of Indian men in the recent past.

You will definitely agree that today's men are not very much better than Neanderthals when it comes to hairstyle.

The haircare regimen reached its zenith under the reign of my father. He banished all haircare products - indigenous and digenous, out of his kingdom (a small two bedroom house in erstwhile Madras presidency). In fact, the only time he talked about hair was on the auspicious occasion of the maiden voyage of the royal prince across the high seas to the strange land. Of course, I am referring to my first onsite visit from my software company.

"Cut your hair short. Really, really short." My father advised.
"Is that the trend in U.S?" I asked him.
"No. It costs fifteen dollars to have a haircut there." My father said.
I made a Gandhian promise of not setting foot in a salon in U.S.

I left India in a hairstyle similar to the one in Ghajini. Of course, at that time it was called as Protima Bedi style.My only achievement in U.S was snapping a photo with Amir khan at Oscar awards ceremony.
"I really really loved Lagaan." I gushed.
"Well! I really really love your hair style." Amir said and smiled. 

When I boarded the flight back to India I had really long tresses of hair. I had not had a haircut for six months! My hair must have made a big impression on fellow passengers.

"I love your hairstye." The teenager in the next seat said.
"Sairam, from Chennai." I extended my hands.
"Dhoni, from Jharkhand." He shook hands with me.
I didn't know it back then, but Ghajini's premiere and Dhoni's debut were the biggest WOW hair moments of my life.

You don't believe me. Right? I know. I know! But why don't you cut me a little slack and play along with me. After all in my real life, I go through my OMG hair moments every month.

"Shall I dye your hair?" My barber asks every time.
"But...I am just thirty."
"Really! What did you do to your hair?"
"Hmm... Pity. You ought to have done something. You should have tried Dove. And you should have definitely come here more often." He shakes his head sadly.
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