I know I haven't said much about the flooding in Thailand , BUT , my computer has been having problems and we've been busy working in the yard as the rainy season has come to a end here in our little part of Thailand .
 But--  that cannot be said of about 1/3rd of the provinces in Thailand many have been flooded with water up to 2 and 3  feet and some places even higher , and with it all happening right in the middle of the rainy season and with the ground already being saturated with the rain , the water just are not going down in many places and will be around for quite a while.
Our Thai. daughter Nu and husband A and grandson Nicky boy's home was flooded to the first floor in Nakon Sawan and they had to flee up North to their relatives and are building a small home there , as it will be in reality months before things in Thailand will be back to normal ,, they make a trip to their home every week to check on things and they have someone who is watching the place for them ,by staying on the second floor and guarding things , when in time like these , as almost everywhere , there are terrible people that take advantage of other folks tragedies and are going around to homes where there is no one staying and just helping themselves to what ever is there. In fact I would say that for some places it will be years and some will never be the same , even as I type this it was announced on the news that lots of water is now pouring into the center of the business and market districts of Bangkok today.
 Our little village is full and I mean full  of folks who have fled Bangkok and  are living with relatives here or they are renting every guest house and empty room for a place to stay  with their families and pets  some expect to be here for months. We have several homes on our street that have been rented out and they are several families staying in each one , people helping people and Wang Pho is doing it's best to help all we can.

 We were in Kanchanaburi a couple days ago for my Dr.'s app. and they say that there are thousands of folks that have fled to the city  of Kanchanaburi as some hospital in Bangkok have been closed and they ( the sick) have come to our Prov. hospital to get treatment , when Ciejay got there it was packed, thankful she was already scheduled and was only there for 4 hours .Afterwords we went across the street to Tesco and you could not hardly find a place to park it was sooo busy, they are trying , but a lot of shelves were empty and some prices had gone way up.They have been asked by our PM not to raise prices , But many of their suppliers are in the flooded city of BKK and have only limited supplies , and their factories are being closed , because of the flooding they are charging more and it is being pasted on to the consumers This months groceries probably cost us at least $50 more US dollars  than last month and will probably go up even more as the waters will be around in most places for a while .
  As the title says  we here in Wang Pho are high and dry and our folks are doing all we can to help those effected by the flooding .
Take care and remember to pray for the folks and not only them but thousands of pets have been left behind and many are starving and hungry too .  This kind of stuff effects the hold of humanity and the animal kingdom as well.  If you have any questions about the flooding or if you want to know how you can help  E-mail me and I'll point you to the RIGHT place.                                                            Malcolm

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