Shut that kid up. Please.

Have you been on a plane travel where a kid shrieks through the whole journey and generally makes life miserable for everyone else?
That kid would be mine.

Maybe, You feel that I ought to be spending time bringing up my kid right. And you wouldn't be terribly wrong. My personal belief about parenting is this. To be a good parent all you need to know about kids are where does the stuff go in and where does it come out. (Hint: It is the same as in adult species) Of course, I have spent some time in instilling good morals like you need to take care of your parents when they are old and stuff like that. But I consider my purchase of a plot in a nearby retirement village as the best investment in my life.

But all these tantrums of my kid has driven me to concede the fact maybe, I was wrong. So I decided to learn about good parenting from the best source possible. I turned to the kid's grandmother - my mother. I left the kid with him last sunday and went to the book shop in the neighbouring mall.

There is something wrong about a parenting book that says,'The author is a professor emuritus in MIT.' I would reather buy a book that says in its preface,'The author is mother of a professor emuritus in MIT'. But I am guessing those mothers are busy watching day time television and don't have time to write parenting books. Too bad! I would have really liked to know how to raise a money making machine. I don't have high opinion of Hillary Clinton's book, 'It takes a village to raise a child.' either. 'No! It takes a village to keep your husband happy.', I would like to point to her.

According to me, Parenting books is the second biggest racket in publishing world. The biggest one is of course, Self-help books. There is not a single good self help that is worth reading. Trust me. I have read all of them! And I have got this to say that creep who wanders from self-help section to the parenting section in the book shop, 'You Loser! Quit following me!'

Quote of the Day:As a father, I am not able to get around to this fact. But Philip II must have really really loved his son to name him Alexander the Great.

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