Happy New Year ...

Last night the locals noisily ushered in the new year, waking us briefly from our slumber, having retired at our usual time.  This morning the world, cloaked in a thick fog, was eerily silent.  Sometime during the night our neighbors had set fire to the huge pile of straw left over from the rice harvest, leaving a pall of smoke lingering in the air and a smoldering mound of ash in the field.

After leaving it to marinade overnight, my wife got up early to put the turkey in the oven.  Unable to sleep in as usual, I too got up early to welcome the new year and was greeted with the fragrant aroma of baking turkey, as Cookie and I prepared to go for a little walk.  The noise of village celebrations is hard on the dogs but on this quiet morning they seem better off than the humans who drank in the new year and who’s heads are still filled with cobwebs.

I know I just wrote yesterday but I nonetheless wanted to start the new year off with a short greeting and a few pictures.  It looks like the spirit house gets first crack at our turkey but I am assured there will be plenty leftover for us mere mortals.  Cookie wanted to send her new year's greeting as well.