Fishing Lures and My friend Jerry

My friend Jerry has another hobby and this one is making handmade fishing plugs and lures , and when I say hand made ,I mean it . He starts by going up to the mountain behind our house and cuts bamboo to take home and saw into small pieces to start the tedious work of hand carving each lure , he uses the Internet sites of the lure company's to get his ideas and templates and carves and paints and puts the hooks and snaps for the line and all done by hand and a saw blade , a pocket knife, and sand paper and steel wool. He has a few finished and they look great and when Ciejay and Me make our trip to Alaska this fall I'm taking a couple with me to try out in the famous Kenai River on the Silver Salmon , I'll let you know how they work out . Jerry says it's a hobby and that he doesn't plan on selling them , but I'm sure a few will hang on my wall as a piece of art work. I snapped a few pictures so you could see them for youeselves , what do you think ???