Rereading My Blog ...

Recently finished rereading my blog.  I manage to correct a ton of errors but I’m quite sure there are many more.  Updated some of the older pictures to correspond in size to more recent ones, as they were in a smaller format.  I noticed a big difference in what was produced by different cameras and by the photographer for that matter.  Tried my best to put labels on all my posts to facilitate browsing my content.  (Someone recently suggested I should also label all my photos on Google+.)  Since my writing is all over the place, I found labeling very difficult.  Blogger has added a pop-out toolbar on the right side of the blog, reinstating some of the functions lost when I moved to Dynamic Views.  To the best of my memory this summarizes recent blog activity.

In a way I regret not rereading all the comments as they add so much to the content and it would have been fun to be reminded of readers who have moved on to other things.  There was just so much to read and being unable to edit comments it just seemed easier to stick to the editable content of my blog.  Admittedly at times I found myself scanning instead of proofreading, out of laziness one would presume.  Anyway, it was an interesting time trying to recall what was going on at the time of writing and why I chose to write what I did.  I haven’t done so yet but there are several posts that could be removed without being noticed.

You can tell I am struggling with my writing when I revert to blogging about the blog or posting nothing but pictures.  We had a little rain this morning so perhaps this smoky soup we have been living with for weeks will thin out a bit.  Being unable to go outdoors to do the things I love is taking its toll on my physical wellbeing and overall disposition.  I still have to walk the dogs but that is about it.  I somehow don’t think we have seen the end of the burning season, though today is a little better.