Responsible Water Use ...

Finally got the sprinkler system finished.  It was more work than anyone anticipated but now we can soak the bulk of our garden in half and hour with water from our own pond.  Before we did most of the watering by hand, used the village supply and had by far the largest water bill each month.  It was cheaper than installing this system but we didn’t feel right about using what might turn out to be a limited resource sometime in the future.  There are still areas that must be hand watered but it is much more manageable now and we feel more responsible.

Our ground is hard as concrete during the dry season and digging a trench the length of the yard, all the way to the pond, was hard work with the first two young workers quitting after two days.  The guy who did the electrical, pipe and sprinkler work was amazing.  He didn’t stop for lunch and fabricated metal parts at home well into the night. 

With his background being primarily electrical all that work was impeccable.  He even tapped into our three phase system and added an exterior box near the kitchen that will make future connections much easier.  The electric pump and separate control box is located on the sala over the pond, is grounded and has a safety cutoff if the intake gets clogged.

With such a large area to cover and the ground being so hard we went for relatively straight lines and a minimalist approach with two different sized industrial strength sprinklers.  I’m now considering ways to beautify these protuberances though I don’t really mind the way they look.  You might notice that a light rain this morning helped to clear the air and dampen the ground, while Cookie assisted in producing these photos.