Mekong River and Rai Saeng Arun ...

The heat has been oppressive lately and yesterday was no exception.  Still my wife thought it might be nice to take a drive along the Mekong River.  From our house we headed Northeast along the mountains toward Chiang Khong, then we stuck to the river all the way to a small resort called Rai Saeng Arun, a drive of 78 km.

It is not the best time of year for sightseeing but still it was a pleasant drive with my wife at the wheel.  The resort was deserted and their gardens were not at their peak but I took a few photos anyway.  They grow their own strawberries so we had fresh strawberry smoothies before we left.

People look to be developing small scenic rest stops along the river and we stopped at one to use their facilities and take some pictures on our way to  Rai Saeng Arun.  There was even a quaint riverside beach far below the vantage point.  That is Laos on the other side of the river.

Anyway, this is a day for pictures, not for writing.