Photos from Today’s Mt. Bike Ride ...

I was going to write something today but by the time I returned from another mountain bike ride my body and brain were just too tired to think.  Decided it might be best just to upload some pictures from my ride and leave the heavy lifting for a later date.

Today marked only the second time on this dirt track and the first time to return home the long way via the main road we normally use when returning from town.  It gave me a chance to stop along the way, something one just doesn’t do when commuting, and get some more photos of the roadside trees that bloom this time of year.

Up in the hills the aftermath of recent burning was evident even after the strong winds and brief rain we had last night.  Spotted a couple of guys driving their small tractors on a very steep slope that was recently cleared.  They obviously had the presence of mind to keep the tires pointed straight up and down the slope.  If they had gotten sideways I am sure they would have flipped.  Found one guy tending his newly planted eggplants and took a couple of pictures as he looked a little out of place with his plastic sheets. 

So here is a selection of photos from today’s ride.