Two Nights of Rain in Phaya Mengrai ...

The last time it rained and the air became breathable I took the opportunity to ride the Ninja, so this time there was no debate.  Yesterday afternoon I got on the Trek and hit the trails.  The mountains were once again visible in the distance and breathing deeply did not cause one to cough and gag or eyes and nose to burn with irritation.  There were puddles to be avoided in places but generally the trails were thirsty enough to have absorbed all the water from the torrential downpour the night before.

I decided on one of my older trails with only gently rolling hills, where I expected not to come across major burn scars.  There were a few burned patches though, where the rain had washed away much of the ash and deposited a new layer of leaves on the forest floor.  I found the image interesting so stopped to photograph the area.

I am not a fan of superstition but it can serve a useful purpose sometimes as shown in another image where trees have been blessed and rapped in the saffron cloth of Buddhism.  If such exercises help to save a few trees or prevent a beautiful rock outcropping being turned to gravel for construction, then I say go for it.

Another reason for choosing the path I took was to photograph a nearby boondoggle that I had been intending to document for some time now.  One could almost label it the playground from hell as the thorn bushes have overtaken the area and made getting these shots tricky.

Arriving at home a couple hours later and with plenty of digital space left in the camera I walked around the yard and gathered a few shots of fruit on the trees, that I had previously missed.

I thought about taking the Ninja out today but yesterday, as I neared home, I came across the first pack of little urchins throwing water on the unsuspecting.  Songkran starts early around here and will continue for the next two weekends and perhaps on to a third.  Not a great time to be riding around on a motorcycle.