Fire and Rain ...

Trusty fire-stick in hand our neighbor, along with many others, was setting his field alight in anticipation of plowing the earth before the forecast rains.  Perhaps he noticed me taking pictures, though I somehow doubt it made any difference to him.  Whatever the reason he only burned part of the field, leaving the remainder to be finished off the next day while we were conveniently away in town.  I noticed the gardener had the presence of mind to turn on our sprinklers to keep our plants wet and singe free.  Though annoying, we have suffered no more than sore eyes and irritated breathing passages from the burning so I guess we are lucky in a way.

Heading into this last weekend it had been so hot and dry that one wondered if it would ever rain again.  On this occasion the forecasters were not wrong and the rain fell in abundance leaving the soil saturated with standing water in lower areas.  Today the clouds have begun to part and the sun is illuminating a new and wondrous view.  Another month or two and we will once again be floating in a sea of lush green vegetation from our doorstep to the mountains beyond.

Each day brings with it new challenges and adventures, rewarding us sometimes with views like this morning, in contrast to the burning of a few days earlier.