Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #1 Review

Holy sweet nostalgia, Batman!  This is the best $3.99 you're ever going to spend.  If you're a Turtles fan, there's literally no reason not to buy this.  Even if you own an original copy of the 1984 Mirage issue by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, this will give you the chance to keep that copy nice and clean and use this fresh one for reading.  And, if you've never had the chance to read the very first Turtles adventure (understandable seeing as the back issues are expensive and graphic novels are costly as well), then this is going to be quite a delight.

This is what started it all; this issue tells the origin story of the heroes in a half shell, Splinter and their most popular nemesis, Shredder.  Some might be surprised that this franchise wasn't for the kiddies at first.  Right in the opening sequence we see that the Turtles get full use of their deadly weapons, showing no mercy on thugs in the Big Apple.  From the battle on the first pages to the rooftop showdown with the Shredder, we're treated to some bloody and brutal encounters.  In spite of how dark the world is,  you can't help but have a smile on you're face as you read through this classic first issue.
I really have no serious complaints surrounding this issue.  Obviously, Eastman's style may not be for everyone, but I mostly love it and think the color brings so much more energy to these panels.  The proportions tend to fluctuate at times, and while most of the action is illustrated incredibly well, there are a few panels that don't do the motion and impact full justice... at one point it actually looks like Michelangelo attacks Shredder with a hug (a devastating attack indeed).  Overall, that's a very minor complaint, especially seeing as most of the art is fantastic.  The splash pages would make for awesome posters and the details on the war-torn Turtles definitely catch your eye.

If you even remotely consider yourself a Turtles fan, I highly recommend picking this up.