America!!!!!! "here we come"

We have been planning this trip for 6 months and now we are down to the wire, we leave on the 31st of July and will be gone till Oct. 15  . I will try to post some pictures of our adventures while we are there , if not and get to busy will post a lot when we get back . Here is a list of the states we will be visiting with about a week or so in each , visiting friends and family , and of course having a vacation  time too.
    Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Callifornia, Texas , Tennessee, North Carolina , South Carolina.
 Maybe some will know about our trip already and the places we will be , if possible would love to see everyone we can , .While in South Carolina we will have a mini Family and Friend reunion in Merrietta, South Carolina , at Benny Moore's homestead.  the get -together will be the first week-in in Oct.we would love to see all who can come , some we haven't seen for a long time ,will be as great time.Pray for us to have a good time and all our flight connections to go smoothly .  Malcolm and Ciejay