This is a repost from last year , still true and important and I am still on the maintenance program  and feeling good .

I was laying in the hammock thinking , and remembering , something I do a lot of ,while enjoying my retirement, and the blessing in mine and Ciejay's life and reaping the benefits of all the hard work ,until I retired and moved to Thailand.

The thought that popped into my head was some advice my Dad gave me while I was a kid,and young adult, and growing up, He always stressed the importance of maintenance and that if you wanted to enjoy the things that you invested you time and money into that if you maintained and took care of it (things) you would get a life time of enjoyment and use from them. I thought( then) that all he meant was ,my car , my home , my yard and things. Now as I have gotten older I realize that everything in our lives need maintenance, our friends, family , wives, kids , pets, neighbors, our spiritual lives, and also of course our cars, homes , and yards, and things.
Lately with the encouragement of my wonderful wife Ciejay and my Pastor , and my Dr. and a look in the mirror( who was I looking at ?), I have begun to do a little maintenance on a very important part of my life, MY BODY , and you know what?? it has paid off ,my blood pressure is now normal and my sugar count has gone in 6 months from 147 to between 90 and 98 which means that I have beat the diabetes 2 problem and my Dr. said next month I can quit the Pill yee haa . The maintenance is easier than I thought , getting up earlier than my usual 9 or 10 am and going to bed a little earlier, and a mile walk with Ciejay and the boys (our dogs ) at 8 am at least every other day( will increase the distance as time goes by) . . About half way thru the walk (slow first half ) I do about 15 min of senior exercises, and stretches, nothing painful (you don't need pain to get gain ) and the last half is a little faster pace , not much and WOW what a difference it has made in my life and energy level, and the way I feel about myself, and the way I can look at Ciejay's Honey Do list and not cringe.
I'm sure most of you have a maintenance program in place and if you don't I would encourage you to start one. The better I feel ,the more I love being "Retired in Thailand and Loving It."