The ultimate question of life

The two fundamental questions that confront, assail and torment us in this post modern era are

1)What is the meaning of life?
2)Where do they keep low fat milk in supermarket?

Lot has been said in the past and lot more will be said in future about the first question.
So this post addresses the second question.

But first a caveat.
No one, and that includes me too, can give a definitive answer to the question. You can not find low fat milk by reading a blog post. You can sit at home and read all the posts about how to find low fat milk. You can read till the cows come home. But those cows are not going to give you low fat milk. Not even the ones that eat the posters of malayalam blue films instead of green grass.

To get low fat milk you need patience, perseverance and even luck. But you know what is even more important than those qualities? Drive. Yes, Drive! So I encourage you, urge you, plead with you to get your ass off that couch and shove it in a car and drive to the nearest supermarket. Because supermarket is where you will get the realization about meaning of life and perhaps low fat milk.

And while you embark on this trip of ultimate quest remember the following words of Gauthama Buddha.

Life is what happens to you when you are searching for low fat milk. Oh! By the way, full milk is the root cause of all misery.
-Gauthama Buddha.

In fact, it is this saying of Buddha that helped me find the answer to the ultimate question - where do they keep low fat milk in supermarket? According to Buddha, life happens to you when you are searching for low fat milk. By the same logic, low fat milk will fall upon you when you are searching for ..... yes! extra virgin olive oil.

But where the hell is extra virgin oil in super market?
I wish I could answer you. But someone is pressing the calling bell. Maybe my wife is back. In our house, She goes to supermarket while I speculate on the ultimate questions of life like the wherabouts of low fat milk.

Bye Bye. Take care. Good luck to your trip to supermarket. May plastic cover be with you. (One rupee per plastic cover! I think it is atrocious.)