A Break in the Weather...

With a break in the weather and more rain expected over the next few days, I thought it best to get out on the Trek, even if it was a bit hot today.  The overcast sky once again made photography a challenge but things are getting greener up in the hills and I couldn't resist trying.  The recently denuded hillsides are turning green again as cassava and maize take root.  While the rice fields around our house were planted a while back, the remote mountain fields I passed today were still being planted and will need a few more weeks to go from yellow to lush deep green.  I  look forward to taking this ride again as the plants mature.

After a mid-ride break at a favorite reservoir I stuck to asphalt for the 20km ride home.  In total today's ride was a little over 38km.  I don't enjoy riding on the side of the road but it is good exercise with the more constant pace and nothing to stop and take pictures of.

I have a lot on my mind these days and don't much feel like writing but I did want to share these photos before I go back outside and clean the mud off my bike.