Storms Trails and Trek Upgrades ...

On Friday there was much talk in the news of tropical storm Kai Tak and the potential for heavy rain in the North.  With the trails already saturated I thought it best to get in one more ride before the torrential rain that was forecast.  Of the 36 km I traversed on Friday, nearly 30 were on sparsely traveled backcountry roads.  The only dirt to be found was on the last 3.5 km past Tat Khwan Reservoir and on to Tat Khwan Waterfall.  With many hills to climb it was a tiring ride but the overcast sky rendered the day not too hot, with the destination making the effort seem worthwhile.

I was reluctant to post yet another mountain bike tale, feeling as though I am in a posting rut these days, but riding the Trek is what I have been doing lately.  Recent trail conditions pushed me to visit Northern Bike on Thursday to see about some additional upgrades to the bike.  There are a couple of other bike shops in Chiang Rai but my favorite is Northern Bike where I bought this Trek 4500 I ride.  I like that Peak, the owner operator, is not what one would call a salesman and never pushes for a sale.  He will offer an opinion if asked but is very low-key and waits for you to tell him what you want.

I was looking for disc brakes and a better front fork to help in dealing with the often rough trails I ride.  Taking his recommendation on both, I headed to Chiang Rai’s shopping mall to pass the time while Peak installed the parts, made a few adjustments we talked about and preloaded the front fork for my weight.  That is another thing I like about this shop.  You know who is doing the work and that it won’t be handed off to an inexperienced assistant.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like riding the trails on my mountain bike but it is just one of many interests I have and I don’t want to get put in a box and labeled as being one particular thing.  The mountain bike and the motorcycle do lend themselves nicely to photography and blogging so there in lies my main excuse for so many similar posts, I guess.  Perhaps my muse with awake one day and fill my head with wordier posts but for now I ride the trails and post pictures to fill the space on this page.

And by the way, Kai Tak failed to make an appearance on our local stage, so I needn't have rushed off to Tat Khwan when I did, but I'm grateful for the nudge it gave me in the right direction.  I almost forgot, the shocks were great and the disc brakes were very grippy.  Hope you enjoy the photos.