Alaska --- Fishing on the Famous Kenai River

I am going to post a few stories about our trip this fall to the USA , will try to include lots of pictures hope you enjoy them .
 It was not only a vacation but it was a trip of a lifetime seeing and visiting with a lot of Family and Friends around the country and I do mean around  we traveled from the west coast to the east coast and lots of stops in-between

 A Alaska Adventure !!! There is nothing that sounds so good and excites a fisherman or fisher woman than the cry of FISH ON !!!!!!. and the day on the River Kenai was no exception, Pastor and Master Guide Wayne and side kick and right arm Marveen to us for a trip of a lifetime, fishing in their boat on the Famous Kenai River . It started out as a rainy day , but as soon as we got on the water...r the sky cleared and we had a most beautiful and warm day , was perfect day for fish and they were ready to put up a great fight for us . Ciejay caught her first ever salmon (a Silver ) and it put up a good fight , but she hung in there amid all the screams of excitement and joy she landed him and then proceeded to catch her limit, while I caught a few she out did me and was awarded a hat with the words Fish On for being the best fish woman for the day from Pastor Wayne, she will treasure it forever.The Key Word for that lovely day was !!!!FISH ON !!!.

Here's a few pictures hope you enjoy.              " FISH ON"