Salem,Oregon and lots of floks to see

Next stop Salem ,Oregon--- We lived there for 2 1/2 years Me and Ciejay before we moved to Thailand sooo we have lots of friends there and I lived there before Ciejay for 6 years and worked at Sizzler's and All That Glitters sooo we have lots of friend me and her together .

Phil Smith my best Buddy meet us at the train station and we went to He and his wife Dawn's new house "what a lovely place..." and moved us into our very own bed room , and I took a long nap before we started visiting everyone we knew , . The next day was lunch with Lorena and Hector and my grand-kids , we had a great time and the kids are now almost grown and Robert is as tall as me now , and Daisy is going to have a baby soon , really enjoyed Josh too, Hector made lunch the next day and brought it to Sizzlers where we got to visit with Pete and Dottie from All that Glitters , what a wonderful time it was , got to see Steve (my ole boss ) too . That night I meet all the ole gang of managers from Sizzler's ,my Buddies forever and we meet at the new Buffalo Wings Sports Bar for a evening of fun and sharing stories new and old we laughed a lot .

We meet Florance at the China Wall for a all you can eat buffet and a great time at her home where Ciejay found lots of figs on her trees and ate her fill, , great time with a dear friend , we also meet Jim our Buddy from the Gas station where we used the bathroom everyday when we sold produce the summer of 2004 before going to Thailand , Jim and Cal still call us all the time in Thailand and they are also dear friends .

The state fair was in full swing sooo off to the fair ,me Ciejay and Phil and dawn and we had a great time , best foot long dog I've ever ate and fun riding a few rides sad I did not win a big prize for Ciejay .

While we were there in their home, Phil and Dawn feed us and took such good care of us , THANK YOU and they even let us use the SUV so we didn't have to rent a car , what a good van.All in all it was a great time and I got to see and visit with some of my most favorite people in the whole world .

Pictures of almost everyone we saw and things we did hope you enjoy.