A Trip To Hawaii...

After nearly a week here in on the North Shore of Hawaii, things have settled into a more comfortable routine.  I am staying at a friend’s beach house while I am here and find myself commuting nearly 100 miles everyday in total.  There are four different routes that will get me from here to there and I have done them all and at all times of day.  Last night’s drive was perhaps the easiest as I return home well after the traffic had died down.  Yes, Hawaii has traffic.

The Thai community celebrated Loy Krathong yesterday at Kapiolani Park which provided an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends.  So after my daily visit with my father I headed to the park.  Afterwards we walked along the rocky shoreline, beneath Diamond Head Lookout, before going out to dinner.  It was by far the best day of my trip to date.

Most people can’t seem to understand how stressful I find these parental visits.  You won’t find my experience highlighted in Hallmark greeting cards or in Hollywood movies.  It is a depressing reminder of my own mortality and the pain I may unknowingly inflict upon my loving wife, in my twilight years.  It leaves me dreading the longevity I seem to have inherited from my lived parents.  My mother had the same feelings, yet here she is adrift in the fog of her dementia.  She was adamant in her views on this disease and how it affects family members.  This is the last thing she wanted to do to her family.

Tomorrow is her ninetieth birthday and though she is beyond understanding that fact, we will make a ceremonial attempt to honor her longevity and perhaps take a few picture to record the occasion for posterity. 

On a lighter note here is a selection of photos taken on this trip.