LA with Alex and Sue and Mickey and Minnie

The next stop on our trip was Disney oh I mean visit with Alex and Sue in LA and cousin Kop and girlfriend too, we had a great time and Sister Sue had got us reservations at a hotel near them , sooo we could have our privacy and rest and relax at night , with pool and stuff , and we needed it because we were on the go , everyday , a couple of days I let Ciejay go and I stayed behind at the motel ...
to catch up on my naps lol. One day we went south to the Casino where Keno (Sue's ex) works( my friend) and he treated us to a wonderful buffett dinner at the casino and we did a little gambling too , was fun , "broke even" as we all say . The next day we spent at Disney was a fun (all day) day and we rode everything we could , had a great lunch there and stayed till the fireworks , missed the light parade , but the fireworks were great, was fun but things have gotten very expensive at the park. Friday we meet James , Sue's boyfriend and went to Universal Studio and ate at Tony Roma's ,good ribs and I ate a whole rack yum yum , , we cruised Hollywood Blvd. and drove around to see the sights , I loved the visit but LA is a bit to much for me , to much traffic , one night at 10 pm traffic was backed up for miles . but Sue drives it like a Pro. Ciejay loved being there with Sue and Alex and it was a fun time for me as well. Kop's girlfriend cooked dinner one night (Thai Style) and it was to kill for , we took leftovers to our motel for a snack later .Hope ypu enjoy the pictures.

From La it was off to Yexas to see Sister Faye and Bobby --- next up.