Back in the Saddle...

After being ill for several days, I finally got out on my Trek today, for only the second time since I returned.  Just thought I would share a few shots from both rides and show off the latest upgrades on my bike.

I was riding a Trek 4500 frame but yesterday I moved up to a 8500 frame.  The saddle, pedals, shorts and gloves are also new from Hawaii.  At the urging of others I finally got rid of the stand today which removed that annoying noise.  Maybe it is all in my head but the bike felt really great today.  Quiet, responsive, smooth, light and fast.

My bike guy wants me to drop the handlebars too but I think I will see how I do with this new, slightly more aggressive, setup first.  Strange weather we are having this year but so far great for riding.  More later.
The Ing River just a few kilometers form home.

One of my favorite reservoirs in that notch in the mountains.

Man-made waterfalls.

Phaya Mengrai pond.

New Trek 8500 frame.

New Saddle.

New wider pedals.
Sop Pao Reservoir.

Phaya Mengrai reservoir.

Strange weather today as I returned from my ride.

More strange weather form today.