Phu Chi Fa and Phu Sang, A Family Day Trip...

We loaded up five adults and set off on our first real mountain drive in our new Fortuner.  Someone had never been to Phu Chi Fa and someone else needed to visit a market near Phu Sang Waterfall so we took a circular route which included the shorter but steeper 40 km assent of Phu Chi Fa followed by a longer 110 km mountain and valley drive to return home.

With three rows of seats, we rode 2 in front, 2 in the middle and 1 in the back.  Everyone seemed to have a comfortable ride and I really enjoyed driving.  It was a very different ride from the old truck.  Comfort, control, handling and visibility were great, as I took on two steep climbs and a myriad of mountain bends.  It was a bit hazy on the mountain top but we got a few nice pictures anyway.

The classic Phu Chi Fa shot.

New car and the driver at the trailhead to Phu Chi Fa.
On the trail to the summit of Phu Chi Fa.

Later we stopped at Phu Sang Waterfall for a picnic lunch and I ventured up beyond the falls for the first time.  The steep stairs leading to the top were interesting and lead to a raised wooden walkway that meandered through the lush forest and past a bubbling hot spring before looping around to where the trail began.  I loved the walk as it reminded me of similar hikes we have taken in the old growth temperate rain-forests in the Pacific Northwest region of the States.  The roadside park in front of the waterfall is great but one really needs to take in the short trail above the falls as well.

Looking down on the park from the falls.

The stairs to the top.

I couldn't capture an image of the bubbles rising from the bottom of the pool.