A New Mt. Bike Route …

The route I chose ended up being shorter than I guessed it would be but that turned out to be a good thing.  Even at a little less than 46 km, it was still an exhausting day.  The 73 km I did last week, from my wife’s university to home, left me equally drained but that was on paved roads for the most part.  I started out this ride on a familiar route to Sop Pao but instead of making a counterclockwise loop back home through the town of Phaya Mengrai, I continued in a clockwise direction.  This took me through sparsely populated mountains, over the degraded dirt road leading to four hill tribe villages, in the direction of Tat Kwan Reservoir where I stopped to take in the still waters and lush foliage after an extremely dusty ride through very rough and mountainous terrain.

It has been a long, dirty and tiring day, so maybe a few more pictures and a few less words today.  A recent cold spell has caused a change in the foliage along the trail.  The trail may not have been in great shape but the views made it worthwhile all the same.

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