A New Year, The World Didn't End, Now What? ...

This unusually slow start to my blogging year does not bode well.  Finishing off last year with just under 50 posts, I didn’t even rack up one a week.  With my best year hitting 70 and my worst 28, I guess I should be happy here in the middle ground.  This year more than most, I find myself questioning what I am doing and why.  All I need is a glimpse of the path ahead to get me started but things are a blur at the moment.

Even at the best of times, my attention is strewn over a broad unmeasured expanse.  Focus and concentration don’t seem to be things that come easily or naturally to me.  My preference is to channel surf or set my attention to wide-angle in an attempt to capture as much input as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, this tendency of mine has served me well over the course of my life, but there are drawbacks.  While most things come easily to me, and I excel up to a point, I often fall short of the level of excellence that would truly satisfy me.

Take my online activity for example.  This blog is at the genesis of my online life but I now find myself scattered over Google+, Facebook, Twitter and various forums.  It started with the written word but I now find myself torn between words and images.  It is all but impossible to excel in one area without neglecting the other and I find it impossible to choose.

Words no longer demand, with untempered urgency, to be etched upon the page.  With new ideas lacking, it becomes a struggle at times to find the words and I often resort to the easier option of posting pictures.  Image searches are directing an increasing amount of traffic to the blog, something I have mixed feelings about.  With roughly 2200 accounts including Village Farang in their circles on Google+, my images now arguably garner more attention than my words and response time is much quicker.

One would expect that level of attention to bring some sense of accomplishment but it only serves to accentuate my own dissatisfaction at the quality of my images.  I despair at the shortcomings of my camera and my often clumsy attempts to maneuver through the complicated procedures of processing raw data into something resembling the image that exists in my head.

Some might expect my move from city living to country life would have made it easier to focus, with fewer perceived distractions.  I have found, however, one simply tunes into different frequencies and the bandwidth remains as full as ever.

I can’t recall with any clarity what I envisioned country life would be like, when we started down this new path.  I think I knew my life would not be the same as others who live in this village but I don’t think I could have known how different it would be.  This blog has taken me down an interesting and varied path as well, but I find myself at a fork in the road and unable to move forward or choose a direction.  For now I bask in the joy of living and ponder how best to share with others.

Here are a few shots of a new place we were taken to up in the hills near Chiang Rai.  Here we shared a meal with friends who will soon be returning to New Zealand.