Family Reunion in South Carolina

I know, it's been a while , but with all the excitement of Christmas and New Years , we've been busy , and we lost our beloved boy (dog) Sabu over the holidays , sooo that was a hard time too. Things are getting back to normal now . This will be the last post of our trip to the USA last year , it was a great time with friends and family and we still talk about all the folks and food and fun we had . Hope you enjoyed the little post and pictures . This next trip was a trip from Tenn. to S.C. for a little mini "Burgess" family reunion in Marietta , S. C. It took place at the old restored home place of Marietta and Oren Moore , what wonderful host they were and the place is like a step back in time , every room has a different theme to do with their family and everything is really old , but looks new, a wonderful restoration job and labor of love by Oren (Benny ) Moore for his sweet wife .Lots of Burgess's and their families showed up from all over and it was a wonderful time ,Food was brought by all and I ate till I thought I'd pop, lol. I'll never forget this get together . Took a lot of pictures of the place and folks and will post a few  , hope you enjoy.

The next post and afterwards will be back to life in Thailand and of our life here in Wang Pho .