FISH ----ON !!!!!!!!

They say that Thailand is the freshwater fishing capital of the world , and from all I see and hear from the fisherman that come here to fish, they all agree .

I've been trying to catch one of these fish for a while and have always missed the hook-up or broke my line , well yesterday at a catch and release pond I hooked into one and was lucky enough to land him , take a few pictures and let him or her go back for another fishermans catch of the day . Now if I ever get up to the Mekong Delta  up north I might just try for one of those world record one .lol

This info came from the www. hope you enjoy the read  as much as I did and I really enjoyed the catch .

Biggest Freshwater Fish: Giant Mekong Catfish
Giant Mekong Catfish

This giant catfish caught in May of 2005 was 9 feet long and weighed 646 lbs - more than 5 times the size of the world record catfish caught in North America.

It's official! The new world record holder for the biggest freshwater fish is the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasius gigas). The biggest one ever captured and measured was caught in Thailand in May of 2005. It was 9 feet long and weighed 646 pounds.

The fish in the photo was captured by some fisherman where the species is considered endangered, but can still be caught with special permits. The fish was turned in to the Department of Fisheries where the eggs and sperm are collected from these rare giants and harvested for a captive breeding program to keep the species alive.
This giant catfish inhabits the waters of the Mekong River in China, which flows southward into Southeast Asia. This fish is found as far south as Cambodia and Thailand where it is known as Pla Buk, which means simply "huge fish".The dimensions of these catfish are very impressive, with the largest supposedly growing up to 10ft/3m and weighing up to 660lbs/300kg.
Scientists have recently discovered something amazing about the Giant Mekong catfish; they live out part of their lives at sea. Most people have the impression of catfish as slow, lumbering bottom-feeders, but it turns out that the migration routes of these catfish rival those of the better known salmon. Scientists have recorded Pangasius gigas traveling as much as 600 miles (1000 km) inland from the south China sea up the Mekong River to spawn.

                                                   I got  a Big one --I holler at Ciejay  get the net

 I hook into a big one  (for this area)
 He or She puts up a good fight
But in the end after about 20 min. I land  the Gaint Mekong Catfish   yee haaa !!!!  take a few quick pictures and back you go for another days fun . Mine weighted 17 kilo or 37 lbs.  not quite a world record , but a great catch .