A Post Trip Review…

When one finally reaches that last leg of a journey, the heart is filled with joy and the anticipation of returning to the ease and comfort of home.  A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, at having safely completed the journey, washes over you.  It is a heady mix of feelings, with recent events and all the imagery and emotion they conjure still vividly present, while the comforts of home bring forth a sigh of contentment and well-being.

For a while one is busy with routines of post trip recovery and cleanup.  For me it is not long, it seems, before memories of the open road come flooding back with sometimes confusing results.  Of course I am glad to be home but the comfort of this place provides fertile ground for daydreams, reliving highlights and provoking a thirst for more.  I find myself longing for another adventure while I am yet to catch up from the last one.  Sounds greedy I suppose, always wanting more, when I already have so much.

I know I need to get back on the mountain bike but the recent climb in temperature and my post trip blues leave me lacking in motivation.  It was good I had time to write most of the blog report on the road, otherwise this post trip funk may have dulled my desire and that window of opportunity for writing could have past unheeded.  While I am aware a more proactive approach would quickly banish this emotional malaise, there is a part of me which enjoys wallowing in it, so I linger for a time examining my feelings and making little effort to curtail them.

On first glance one sees but a calm reflective surface, like a lake devoid of even the slightest breeze or disturbance.  Deep in the heart of that lake there is, however, a turbulent ebb and flow of emotion, mostly joyful but punctuated at times with melancholy, as I contemplate what the future holds for me and others.  I have chosen the path not of activist or provocateur but of observer and chronicler of what I see and feel.

Consciously stepping away from the negativity of those who warn of the pitfalls and foibles of life in Thailand, I try to write of other things.  I never know what will inspire the next post, and that is not always a comfortable place to be, but I guess it is part of what keeps it interesting for me.  So until inspiration next comes knocking upon my door, I hope you all have your own adventures be they big or small, and have enjoyed traveling with me on my recent road trip.