Making Bacon and cooking dinner

Today was the day to smoke the pork belly that was curing for 9 days to make my very own bacon ( home cured with my secret spices , smoked in my home made smoker, and sliced to my liken thickness, It don't get no better ) soooo I did it and it turned out great will cool and slice later , the coals were still hot so I threw in some pork ribs for a quick smoke and them bar-b-qued them for dinner tionight , hows that for using the old noggin for something other that a hat rack LOL, and it's sooo hot we want have to heat the kitchen up tonight .I'll make my famous cole slaw, and with a bowl of my chili, I'll be eating in HOG heaven tonight , Ciejay likes it too.
I try to cook dinner or lunch at least once a week , and when I smoke the pork bellies and any other meat I have ready , it's a good day for me to cook , as I already have the kitchen messed up, so I might as well cook lunch and dinner while I'm at it , made chili and cole slaw while the meat was smoking , and I'll only have to clean up one time .