Out On The Bike, Finally …

I feel so much better, you have no idea.  It was six weeks to the day since I had been out on the trails, due to weather and being sick.  Yesterday the smoke and heat was awful but today there was an abrupt change in the weather.  An overcast sky kept the temperature just below 30 for a change, instead of the mid to high 30s where it has been.  The forecast rain did not appear, and though still hazy, one could breath for a change so I thought I would risk it.

It may have been interesting to go checkout the burning up in the hills but I wanted to stay away from the potential of smoke and thus had nothing to photograph on this ride.  I chose a relatively easy 40 kilometers, with a good mix of dirt and road, to tryout my new gears and handlebars.  I could really feel the difference today.  Gear changes were ultra smooth, the front end felt lighter and I felt I had a little more control.  My hands were much lower and that worried me, thinking it might do in my back, but it didn’t.  I still needed to shakeout my hands from time to time but no more than usual.  My position made it a little uncomfortable to look as far down the trail as I usually do but I made adjustments didn't feel any fatigue in my neck.

Having come to mountain biking relatively late in life, I haven’t moved very fast but I think this gradual process of upgrading bits and pieces along the way has helped me understand and witness the performance differences of each upgrade.  I can’t be sure how much of my elation today came from the new parts and how much was just the result of being let out of my cage, so I will take a few more rides before I do anymore tweaking.  It was really good to get out and I am sure the indoor work I did made it a little bit easier.

That is it for today.  I just feel so good right now I wanted to share.  It will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.