The Genius and me

When I want to exercise my tiny grey cells I do sudoku (level:easy). Or solve crossword (level:quick). Or try Rubik's cube. (Just try, not solve)

But if I really want to work out my mind then I watch a Christopher Nolan movie. For the third time. You are right. My tiny grey cells are really tiny. But this post is not about me. This post is about Christopher Nolan.

The first three movies of Nolan that I watched were just fantastic. Simply superb. If you haven't watched it already, you must watch it NOW!

The movies are

The Prestige
The Prestige with subtitles
The Prestige with Director's commentary

You are right again. I am jobless. But let's not focus on me. After seeing The Prestige trilogy, I wanted to call up all my friends and tell them what a wonderful movie it was and why they should watch it too. But I couldn't. Most of them had watched it already a couple of years back. So I just popped the DVD back in and settled for an encore of the trilogy. Yeah, Back then I was a mental fitness freak.

The psuedo intellectuals club that I was an active member of recommended another movie of Nolan : Memento. Then came the director of Ghajini who insisted that he was not inspired by memento. So I really needed to see memento. At least to find out how well the Indian film makers can in dumb it down. But I couldn't get hold of memento for a long time.

The fourth movie of Nolan that I watched was Inception. And I really hated it! I have written about Inception here already.By that time Nolan had become so famous that if he farted at a public place they built a museum around that place and sold tickets for admission. And people would line up in a queue to buy the economy pack - A three in one combo pack at fifty percent off

to see the place he farted
to see the place he peed
to enjoy a jumbo popcorn or extra large Pepsi during the pilgrimage

In my opinion, the movie wasn't as good as prestige. But it didn't matter. It was a huge hit. Hey! People are willing to pay to see the place he peed. Why wouldn't they watch the movie where he stank? And that's the reason why his next movie, the third edition of Batman movie, was a huge hit too. He was just too big to fail.

Will I watch his next movie, Interstallar? I don't know. Maybe. But before that I need to watch the movie that I missed. The movie that made him.Yep! I have got the DVD of Memento. See you people! I am off to exercise my tiny grey cells.

I am off to see the memento trilogy.