News To Amuse - Jan 31, 2014

January 31. 2014


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Father Karunanidhi and brother Stalin did not greet me on my birthday - Alagiri

Big deal! You hate your father and brother, because of this! You give interviews to papers!
Look, I received just one greeting on my birthday : from Icici Prudential.
Do I cry like a baby? Do I feel like a total loser?
Horror of horrors! Do I go out and do the unthinkable - change the car insurance from Tata AIG to Icici prudential.
Absolutely not.
If life has taught me one thing, it is this:
Just like each finger in a hand is different, each insurance company has a different CRM solution.

If alagiri can get that, then he would have found the secret to have a happier birthday.
Send email greetings to you Gmail account from your yahoo account and vice-versa.

I will not sacrifice self-respect for power - Siddaramaiah

But other's respect and lives, Maybe.

Team India looks for consolation win

If they look longer, they will find it next month against Afghanistan in Asia cup. But they have to look harder.

Infosys co-founder gives IISc Rs 225 crore to develop pure science research

If all software tycoons follow this, pump money into pure science, then one day, finally, we will have less of dumb software engineers... and more of dumb pure science researchers.

Yahoo email account passwords stolen

Dear hacker,
if you have stolen my password, please send a email greeting to my Gmail account on my birthday.